Dress Rehearsal and The Magic Show

Barack: Yes We Can or Maybe We Could?

1997 and 2008 will forever be two of the most memorable years in my life : In 1997 I was a pre-teen watching MTV and BET every minute of every day waiting for Britney Spears, The BackStreet Boys, and of course (my favorite) Puff Daddy and Mase’s new songs and videos to premiere on Carson Daily’s TRL. I also remember how sad I felt to hear of our beloved Princess Diana’s passing but also remembered how comforted I felt when I bought a single in memory of her called “Candle in the Wind”. As a preteen in 1997,music and pop culture as a whole would influence my life for years to come. 

Fast forwarding 11 years later to my other most memorable year 2008: It can only be described in two words, “Barack Obama”. I remember feeling like I would never vote again after voting for the first time a few years back for John Kerry and getting my heart broken after watching him lose to GWB jr. I felt like change was only for rich people and Republicans LOL. But when I seen this intelligent Chicago Senator speak, listened to how much sense he made, and saw how many people of all races were on his side, I couldn’t help but to feel like the world was definitely going to be a better place because so many of us (as a nation) were ready for change. After several months of campaigning, I got inspired… A black man of part African descent actually had a chance… To Win. As his campaign progressed my feelings went from a little skeptical (that he had a chance),  to anxious (that he was too good to be  true), to excited because everyone started jumping on the Obama bandwagon.

Now that the 2012 Election is fast approaching, allegations of religion, false promises, and record breaking campaign funds seem to plague our President like the Iraq war and oil conspiracy followed GWB. This time around with a recession still evident with the lack of jobs and a new war started in Libya do you feel like “Yes We Can” or Maybe We Could’ve?


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